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About Us


The North American Division

Commission on Accreditation Union Conference Office of Education

The Union conference Office of Education is responsible for overall supervision and the evaluation of senior academies. They currently work in consultation with the local conference office of education and represent all junior academy evaluation visiting committee within the Union conference.

Conference Office of Education

The Allegheny East Conference Office of Education is responsible for supervising and assisting K-12 schools. It serves as the agent of the Conference Board of Education in recruitment, placement, evaluation, transfer and dismissal of educational personnel in consultation with school administration and the local school board.

School Board

The Ephesus Junior Academy School Board is responsible for operating the school within the guidelines and policies adopted by the local conference K-12 board of education and the constituency as stated in the school’s constitution. The board has authority only when meeting in official session. Individual members may not speak for the board. All actions of the board are implemented through its executive secretary, the principal of the school, in cooperation with the board chair.


The Principal, as an agent of the School Board, is the chief executive officer responsible for the day- to-day operations of the school.