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Why Christian Education

Picture33Ephesus Adventist Junior Academy is the pace setter for Christian education in Central Virginia, with committed teachers and small classes, Ephesus develops the whole being mentally, spiritually and physically. Throughout the challenges of a demanding academic curriculum, and a stimulating spiritual emphasis, students are motivated to attain high academic achievements. From pre-k4 to eighth grade, communicative arts, mathematics, and science are very much a part of the student's world. At EJA, special emphasis is placed on developing a strong self concept and identity. Through Bible instruction and practical applications, students are taught to be of service to God and their community.

Forth - Fifth Grades School Supply

4thSupplies should be brought in on the first day of school. Please put names on all items before bringing them to school. All items should be replenished as the year progresses (No wheeled backpacks due to limited space in the lockers). Classroom storage is not available.


1- 3 ring binder – 3 inches           

5 Sheet Protectors (plastic pocket sleeves)

6 -3 ring pocket Folders (2 sided pockets) NO BRADS( folders are going in ring binder)


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K2 School Supply List

schoolMandatory Notebook Supplies for K – 3

1– 3 ring binder – 3 inches                 

1 package of 50 Sheet protectors

6 Pocket Folders (2 sided pockets) without BRADS


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